Where we are

“Dingdingol long soma alfal tee”
“Children are the future of tomorrow”

Brikama has developed into a busy market town and a major centre between the Gambian Provinces in the east, the Senegalese Casamance and the business and commercial district in the Greater Banjul Area.

The majority of the Brikama citizens live on farming and selling products on the local market. Children from all over Brikama come to our school. From Primary School level on all subjects are being taught in English so being introduced to English at an early stage will make their start and even the whole schooling career a lot easier. But also basic skills as holding a pen or sitting in a classroom are vital for the kids before being enrolled in Primary School.

Therefore English songs and rhymes can be heard throughout the day in all classrooms and children can be seen playing outside with toys to train their motor and social abilities